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2015-16 - L6,317.73 crore

"For those who live at the bottom of society, they are more enthusiastic about buying lottery tickets than those in the middle and upper classes of society, and they spend more on lottery tickets. In return, the lottery fund has been increasingly subsidizing poverty-stricken areas in recent years. cut back.

Garland, executive director of the North Carolina Lottery Bureau, said: This is the best way to ensure that our players play honestly and fairly, showing that everyone has a chance to win. If you don’t provide the names of the winners, I’m afraid they will wonder if anyone actually won the prize. "

According to the British "Mirror" report, an alternative dating website in the UK recently launched the UK's first sex lottery. Winners can enjoy a free night of passion in a romantic suite with a stranger. So far, the event has attracted 11,000 people to sign up.

Community archives for local people help make heritage accessible. Many people, especially in retirement, begin to take an interest in areas such as genealogy. This is why the Heritage Lottery Fund recently granted Norfolk Records Office £200k, to develop such services for local outreach. Part of the money will recruit two new Community Archivists. They will spend three years workin19 lottery sambadg across the county, training in important traditional areas such as cataloguing. However, they will also move towards digital record keeping. In time, all records should be available online for everyone to access with little need to visit the office.

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